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So here’s a question: Are you more likely to retain and be able to use information you’ve learned if you believe it can help you do your job better? Or if it’s information you were told you need to know to satisfy corporate requirements?


The answer is obvious. It’s the job specific content that you’ll want to retain and use. And that’s the genesis of just-in-time training. Now there will always be compliance and other corporate learning requirements. But those requirements aside, it makes sense to put your training dollars and efforts where you’ll see the most tangible results. And today, people need and expect to get nuggets of information that will enable them to complete specific tasks and perform better on their jobs – especially people like Sales reps, construction folks, field techs. And I’m sure you can think of others.

Successful Just In Time Training Requirements

Successful just in time training requires meeting three challenges:

First, creating the actual content.

Second, getting it out to people as it’s needed – maybe even spontaneously — accessible on all devices – especially tablets and phones.

And third, you need fast, up to date tracking of results.

Creating Content

Let’s look at the content creation side: This is the world of “micro-learning”. With micro-learning the training can come from a variety of sources. It could be a quick video. Or, it might be a very focused SCORM eLearning experience. Or a PDF, PowerPoint or Word Doc. The point is it needs to be very focused, and digestible in minutes.

So as you think about creating content, you’ll want to base it on real-world feedback — from the folks you’re responsible for training. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about Hollywood production values here. In fact, the more direct and simple it is, often the better

Get It Out And Make It Accessible

So now you have your content.  But great content is worthless if folks can’t get it quickly on whatever device they’ve got at hand.

So having the appropriate deployment platform is essential.  If your LMS demands that you wait hours to get new training into the system and then out to learners, you’re no longer delivering just-in-time training.

Tracking Results

The third element is the ease of getting real-time reporting that you can share with colleagues or your boss. Without that you won’t know for sure if your content is being used. So you won’t know which content is effective and which isn’t.

CloserConnect Delivers Just In Time Training

CloserConnect is a next generation LMS that’s designed to deliver just-in-time training. Admins can literally shoot a video on their phone, upload it – and along with any other digital content (including linking to web pages) get it out to learners in minutes. No IT skills are required.

Learners can access the training on virtually any device. And Admins can then generate instant real-time reports. Super fast and easy. So give folks the training they can really use. They’ll appreciate it.

And if you want to learn more about CloserConnect, just shoot us an email at

Thanks for watching and let us know of any other topics you’d like to hear about!