Share any combo of digital content (videos, docs, PDF’s, etc.) on a page that reflects your brand, delivered with just one URL, securely personalized for your client, and tracked.

Share freely – with style.

Share any combo of digital content (videos, docs, PDF’s, etc.) on a page that reflects your brand, delivered with just one URL, securely personalized for your client, and tracked.

Share freely – with style.

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CloserConnect lets you deliver curated sales and project content, easily updated, on a branded and unique personalized “site”.

Insightful analytics. No attachments. No third-party apps. No tech skills needed.

These sample pages are provided as examples of what you can build in CloserConnect.

Try it free today and start building your own CloserConnect pages with web links, photos, videos, documents, etc.

Anything you want to share with a potential client, colleague or close friend.

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the hardwick group

CloserConnect has been a great tool for us. It’s helped us differentiate ourselves amongst all the other Recruiters that are out there. Our candidates love the tool. They are definitely more prepared for their interviews and are more successful on them.

Our clients also love CloserConnect. They love how it’s organized and each candidate’s information is easily accessible. All candidates are on one page rather than sending multiple emails with attachments. And it’s easily shared throughout their organization.

Another great feature is that we can see when our Candidates actually viewed the pages. Typically the success factor goes up after they viewed the pages.

Steve Andrasek

Managing Partner, The Hardwick Group


CloserConnect has become an amazing resource and valuable tool for me day-to-day. We regularly have to communicate large amounts of information and CloserConnect allows us to do that simply and clearly with clients from all over the world. I support six Regional Managers – some are tech savvy and some are not. Across the board, they all love this program as they can use it easily.

From a marketing perspective, it provides just the right amount of personalization. Our clients know when we send them a proposal, it’s just for them — and that’s a huge differentiator in our industry. It makes my job so much easier. I wouldn’t want to work without CloserConnect.

Sales Administrator

Visit Dallas


As a graphic design business with multiple clients I use CloserConnect to set up custom designed portals for each client. This is a value add that they appreciate. I find it to be an effective tool for sending and storing client assets in a customized portal. . .

I also use the portal to upload final artwork that the client can retrieve at their convenience. It’s a practical tool that has integrated well into my workflow and isn’t bogged down with extraneous features – a simple straight-forward solution. The learning curve is small but if you do have questions about the app, the customer support is quick and personal.

Tryg Smith

Graphic Designer, By Design Graphics


CloserConnect has been valuable for us in remote selling because it allows us to create specifically targeted leave behinds for prospective clients once we’ve done our pitch. With CloserConnect we can pinpoint the specific points of interest that clients show interest in during our virtual sessions and respond rapidly. Then, using the analytics tools that Closer provides us, we can track their use or viewing of that information after the presentation so that we can give our sales people cues to zero in again with the customer. It helps to know what’s going on in their brains.

Another way that it has been very useful is in file sharing. With CloserConnect we can give the exact thing that we want or need to provide to someone with more reliability.

Dave Paulson

Director of Product Support and Education Services, Forbo Flooring Systems


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What is CloserConnect?

A quick and easy content sharing/tracking tool perfect for sharing your portfolio or pitching your next big sale.

What is a CloserConnect project?

CloserConnect projects are fully customizable, individual content sharing pages that you can design and share with your prospects or clients. It takes only minutes.

How do I add content to my page?

You can drag-and-drop or browse & select your files from a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Just click “add project item” from the “Edit” page. It’s super fast.

What kind of content can I add to a CloserConnect project?

  • Links
  • Documents
  • Video
  • Audio
  • eLearning
  • Other CloserConnect Projects
  • Any digital asset to help you close the sale! There’s no limit on the number of files — or their size!

What kind of security can I enable for my project page?

  • Public: A page that is accessible to anyone to whom you send or is forwarded the URL. No password needed.
  • Password: A private page that is accessible via a custom password you provide.
  • Invite-only: A private page that is accessible via an email invitation or custom username. The client/recipient can only open it using their email and a system-generated password for added security. With Invite-only, each visitor will be assigned a unique access code for tracking purposes.

How do I track my content?

After sending your client the page link, you’ll get an email notification when the client is viewing what you sent — and with the real-time analytics you’ll know what they looked at — and how often!