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The new wave of learning tech and enterprise strategy is all about agility and reach.

Most large companies and many medium companies have been migrating from large and expensive client-server applications to lighter-on-their-feet SaaS platforms for many HR functions – and they’re looking to multiple SaaS platforms to handle each need the best way possible. With that, we see an increasing interest and opportunity for easily reaching into partner organizations to make sure vendors are supporting their client corporations with informed and inspired performance—and sometimes for legal and practical compliance issues. These days APIs make data sharing and learner integration easier and more seamless than ever before – so much so that many companies and HR departments aren’t even aware of the new powers available to them. So, if you’re thinking it’s time to move to SaaS for better, more agile, less expensive learning without the need for IT efforts or tech skills – or you see business benefits in reaching out to educate your channel partners – you may be surprised how easy and affordable it can be.